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Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day

Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving day Celebration ceremonies are common among all religions after harvest & at other times.

Thanksgiving day Celebration

Thanksgiving Day is actually celebrated by Americans commonly known as “First Thanksgiving”. It was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in 1621, which was lasted for 3 days & attended by 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims.

Thanksgiving Day celebration is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November in USA. This celebration is on & off since 1789, after a proclamation by George Washington.

“US tradition compares the holidays with meal held in 1621 by Wampanoag and the pilgrims who settled at Plymouth plantation. It is continued in modern times with thanksgiving dinner, traditionally features “turkey “, playing a central role in the celebration of Thanksgiving.

It has been celebrated every year since 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln  proclaimed  a national  day of “ Thanksgiving  and praise to our beneficent  Father  who dwelleth  in the Heavens”, to be celebrated  on last Thursday  in November.

Eating turkeys on thanksgiving  day has some theories like choice of Turkey was inspired by queen Elizabeth 1 who was having supper when she heard that  Spanish ships had sunk on their way to attack England, so queen was thrilled with news and she ordered another goose be served. Some claimed early US settler’s roasted turkeys as they were inspired by her actions. Other theory says that North America is native to wild turkeys, so they were a natural choice for early settlers.

Written by –Sweety Langalia

OUR KIDZ educator