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STEM Education in Hyderabad

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Enabling your kid to Succeed in OURKIDZ

For over 30 years LEGO Education has been an innovator in the education field, offering products and curriculum material that engage students by creating learning experiences that incorporate the application of curricular concepts through hands-on learning methods.

As Authorized LEGO Education partner, OURKIDZ is bringing cutting-edge STEM learning programs to your child.

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STEM Education

About our SKILLMILL Program

In our SKILLMILL program, we teach the Future Generation the importance of Science Standards by teaching your child about STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through the building and manipulation of various DUPLO® bricks, LEGO® or K’Nex® models. In OURKIDZ we plan activities that challenge your child to cultivate problem-solving skills through application of scientific method and project planning.

Every child from 2-10+ years of age engages in the fun, an educational plan that is developed in OURKIDZ pre-school programs. These programs incorporate DUPLO® blocks and are designed to inspire creativity and enhance fine motor skills while teaching lessons such as letter recognition, Arts & crafts, phonics, writing skills and basic engineering.

Children will learn their colours, shapes, letters and numbers using DUPLO® bricks and other interactive learning toys during this fun program. This program is designed to reinforce the current curriculum being taught to pre-schoolers. To strengthen their knowledge in a playful manner, children are engaged in both structured and imaginative play during each session which improves their cognitive ability and creative thinking.

Our Active learners build fun and simple models using DUPLO® blocks in our intriguing environment. By playing with and manipulating the models, they experience pulleys, levers, gears, wheels, beams, and axles while exploring energy, buoyancy, and balance. Classes include free-building time to promote creativity, teamwork, communication, spatial awareness, observation.

OURKIDZ Robotics educational programs teach children the basics of computer programming and engineering concepts through interactive robotic model build and challenges. Our Robotic enrichment series offers children 6-14 years of age a hands-on experience to develop creative thinking, computer skills, an approach to solve critical problems and teamwork capabilities.

Why you should choose us!

  • Offering Best-in-Class Robotics education in Hyderabad
  • Curricular workbooks with Introduction to new concepts
  • Design-Make-Test exercises

STEM Learning Outcomes:

  • Developing expressive language.
  • Cooperation in groups.
  • Communicating ideas.
  • Using fantasy and imagination.
  • Developing gross manipulative and gross motor skills.
  • Spatial awareness.
  • Developing balancing, jumping, climbing, crawling skills.
  • Exploring basic mechanical principles
  • Investigating force.
  • Solving problems through design.
  • Working with others and sharing findings.

Is your Kid LEGO smart?

Using our advanced tools in OUR KIDZ and hands-on teaching methods, your children will become better able to learn through experience, collaborate with their peers, and think creatively to come up with unique solutions. That’s LEGO smart.

With more than 30 years’ experience we know what it takes to create Effective learning experiences. See our range of educational Brick sets, activity packs, teacher’s guides and programming tools that make learning fun.