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Early Childhood Development

In Early Childhood Development Being an early childhood teacher, you should have the real passion and must be willing to wear many hats. You are already prepared to be flexible if you are an experienced teacher. But for the new beginners, remember that your job description changes daily. In most of the cases your role as a childhood teacher will be similar to that of a guide. A guide leads others to new paths. A guide walks beside a person on a journey, not in front and also keeps other safe from harm.

As an early childhood teacher, you will be challenged to find new experiences to share with children. Watch your step especially in the way you talk and treat others cause, for most the children you can be their own personal role model too. As a guide, allow the child to choose their learning, writing and playing style at the same time the child’s safety should be your number one concern.

Keep the notion that a teacher knows everything, instead become a partner in learning and encourage children to find their own answers instead of making them used to spoon feeding. By this you can learn with the children and share in their experiences. Support the children to learn by providing activities and materials that children find engaging.

By Early childhood development providing good environment, interesting materials and time to explore, play and interact, children find learning easy and fun.

To nurture is to nourish. Nurturing a child develops social, emotional and physical aspects. Teacher must always take care to listen to a child including interpreting words and actions. This helps teacher to determine a child’s needs and aids in child’s development.

Teachers should communicate with many people throughout the day, like parents, children, support staff, the general public and administrators. Early childhood teachers must be prepared to communicate with all of these people. You should feel comfortable opening up, asking questions, seeking advice and sharing your experiences. Teachers should have strong management skills in paperwork, lesson planning, preparing materials, etc… Also require organisational skills in managing a classroom, attention to detail and commitment. There are many things in the air and it is your job to keep them up and moving.

Teaching is full of many responsibilities, roles, and challenges. Like most worthwhile endeavours, it brings both challenges and rewards. Be flexible and you will enjoy the rewards of teaching young children.

Written by – Shilhi Jagadevan

OUR KIDZ educator