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Daddy’s Day Out celebration

Daddy’s Day Out celebration

OURKIDZ Daddy’s Day Out celebration hyderabad

In today’s time and scenario it is very important for parents to spend more time with their kids but due to their busy schedule it is becoming more and more difficult for the parents to take some time off from the busy schedule and dedicate it exclusively for the kid. Keeping this in mind, on Saturday, 26th Nov 2016 OUR KIDZ organised a special date for the OUR KIDZ children with their Father as Daddy’s Day Out celebration hyderabad. We organised this event to let fathers also enjoy some valuable time with their children.

The day started with welcoming all the daddy’s and the children. Some of the father and child duo wore the same attire. Everyone looked excited about the day and the activities. There were three activities for the parents, the footprint activity, the nature collage and the rhyme activity.

The excitement started with the footprint activity, where every child has to paint their daddy’s foot n vice versa and take a footprint of the same. Kids had a very nice time painting their daddy’s foot and then seeing the footprint look so nice.

Then it was time for the Nature Collage. For this every duo went for a nature walk to collect some things that they find during their walk for the Collage. After coming back to school they all had fun making the nature collage. It felt so good to see the father-kid creativity.

Last but not the least, it was time for the fun filled activity of singing and enacting nursery rhymes. Daddy’s sang and enacted the rhymes like Twinkle twinkle, Baba black sheep and many more for their children. The Kids looked really excited and happy seeing their dad sing for them.

All the daddy’s enjoyed each other’s company and It was really a day well spent and a memory made to cherish.

Written by –Mrs. Ankita

OUR KIDZ educator