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Classroom management creates a set of expectations used in an organised classroom environment. Effective classroom management paves the way for the teacher to engage the students in learning.

Effective Teaching

A disorganised classroom without routines and expectations makes it difficult for the teacher to do her job. When teacher is constantly redirecting students or handling behaviour problems, she loses crucial teaching time. CMS (Classroom management strategies) help to create an organised classroom.

Efficient use of Time

Pre-planning before the class starts to save time and helps kid to learn more in an effective manner. Teacher will start activities or teaching as she planned before. It saves lot of time and helps to pay more attention on students.


A Teacher with strong classroom management skills creates consistency for his/her students. The kids know what to expect everyday when it comes to routine activities. Students may fare better when you’re gone if you have set expectations for everyday tasks. They know how the classroom runs so they are able to help the substitute to run the classroom; we can also create consistency throughout the school by aligning your management strategies with the school wide standards.

Behaviour Problems

The main goal of classroom management is to reduce misbehaviour. ECM (Effective classroom management) gives the students little time to misbehave; students know what they need to do.

Transitions in particular are easier to control when teacher has strong classroom management skills. The expectations for behaviour that are part of a classroom management plan give students boundaries, as well as consequences.

Written by – Parveen

OUR KIDZ educator